By dint of doing stuff for a long time, I can legitimatelly call myself a writer, musician, designer, artist, and web designer.

Have a look at my Bibliography for an overview of what I have published over the years.

My music page offers links to my manifold musical projects with recordings online.

The Artwork page will give you a taste of my explorations in analog art making. Maybe some digital mixed in.

You can find my freelance site at, and my professional portfolio at, if you are so boring that you care about work stuff when there’s all this creative crap to roll around in.

Read my full Biography if you want all the sordid details of my personal life.

Finally, my links page will lead you to the online presences of friends, bands, acquaintances, publications, artists/writers/musicians, and organizations I admire. Please let them know if you found them through me, because our legacy is all that is left of us when we die. Make sure you spell my name correctly! Or I will be lost to eternity.